Luxury Villa or Hotel: Which One to Choose For a Peaceful Holiday?

Just thinking about a holiday rejuvenates our spirit, choosing where to stay is the difficult part! Of course, many hotels are available but is it worth spending your much anticipated holiday staying in a hotel?

Indeed, hotels are equipped with all the luxury facilities. But is that all you desire from a holiday? where is the best alternative to spend your precious time? Luxury Villas! Yes, renting a private villa is a unique way to spend your holiday.

Renting private villas are becoming more and more popular, Wonder Why?  Then continue reading.

Private pool

Most villas include your very own private pool! Enjoy the luxury of having the pool to yourself and bask in the warm sunlight while lying on one of the many sun loungers. Travelling with children? even better for them, your own private pool means there are no rules prohibiting   lilos, balls, jumping in the pool and stopping them from having maximum fun.

Space for everyone

What else do you need when you have your own personal space accompanied by all the luxuries? Renting a villa allows for large groups of 10, 15, 20 people to go on holiday and all stay under the same roof. Everyone having their own room to relish and enjoy is something which hotel’s lack.

Ideal Place for Kids 

Allowing your children to play safely and securely inside the villa’s premises is also a major factor and you won’t have to deal with any rules to keep the noise down during the day. When staying at a villa, putting the younger ones to bed of a nighttime is similar to being back at home in a secure property. If you decide to have a few drinks outside on the terrace you have peace of mind knowing the children are only a few steps away.


At a villa you can enjoy the complete privacy and access to all the amenities at any hour of the day. If you are looking for peace and serenity then certainly a hotel full of people is not the ideal destination for you. When renting villas you can choose who to spend your holiday with and not anyone else.

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