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If you own or manage a holiday rental in Tenerife and you’re searching for more websites to help increase your bookings or if you’re looking for an agency to take control and run the bookings for you, either way we can certainly help you. Our experience in Tenerife holiday rentals started in 2004, since then we have grown a large portfolio of holiday accommodation all in Tenerife and we have representatives that live on the island. Here are the services we can offer;


Option 1: For the landlord or property manager that prefers to be in control. We will add your property to our website free of charge and you still have full control of all bookings and the property set up, we are simply chipping in, assisting you with bookings and filling the gaps in your calendar. We will add our commission to each booking our website produces.

Option 2: For the landlord that is looking for an agency to take control of the bookings, provide property management and cleaning services for their property. This option you don’t have to get involved with the day to day running of the holiday rental. We will add your property to our website free of charge, organise our professional photographer to visit your property and notify the landlord of every booking. Our agency still allows the landlord to use the property for their own personal use as much as they want.



Option 1 more detail


We will list your property on our website free of charge in our own time and no work is required from yourselves. You have full control of your bookings, we are simply chipping in and filling the gaps in your calendar! Many landlords in Tenerife have been using us since 2004 and have full trust in ourselves. We are always looking for new properties to add to our portfolio of holiday accommodation in Tenerife, to meet our increasing demands and we regularly turn travellers away because of a lack of availability. We are very flexible in the way we work and can easily comply with your holiday rental set up. We are happy to work with your cleaners and inform them of all the details they require of each booking. Once your property has been added to our website and we receive a booking we will contact you first for your approval and then forward the deposit to you. 



Option 2 more detail


The organization and handling of a holiday rental is hard work and takes up a lot of time. That is why many landlords choose us to run it for them, we can take control and handle all bookings. We will of course still allow you to use the villa for personal use and block off as many dates as you wish (after all it is your property). This option will certainly decrease your workload, we will notify you of every booking that we accept and we will only rent to clients that meet your criteria. Our agency can organise excellent cleaning and property management services, we have a number of companies and individuals that we work with closely. This is another responsibility we can take off your shoulders. Our company has representatives that live on the island and can arrange a meeting as soon as possible to discuss further.



Reasons to work with us


  • Our emails & enquiry forms are constantly checked from morning until night everyday of the week 365 days of the year
  • Phone lines open from 9am – 11pm 6 days a week
  • Our website is page 1 on google when searching many keywords related to your holiday rental
  • Many returning clients that are looking for accommodation in Tenerife
  • Tenerife Villas Online are not an instant booking scheme, we would contact you first
  • A booking platform you can trust that values the relationship with the landlord
  • Operating since 2004 giving us many years of experience



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