Consider These 4 Important Things While Booking a Luxury Villa

Tenerife is a great place to be on holiday. Finding the right villa is essential to make the holiday worthwhile.

What should you look for while booking a luxurious villa?

Here are 4 important Things that you Should Look for While Trying to Secure a Luxurious Villa:


Location accounts for one of the primary considerations when it comes to booking a luxurious villa. Why are you seeking an escape to Tenerife?

What will make you feel that sudden rush of excitement? Are you seeking a calm holiday or an adventurous one? These questions will help you choose a perfect luxurious villa.

If you do not wish to hire a car, then a villa in a central location that is walking distance to all local amenities would be more suitable for you.

Alternatively, if hiring a car is part of the plan, then you could consider a hillside location.. also the price of the accommodation normally works out cheaper the further away from the coast the property is.

Villa for Family Holidays

If you are visiting Tenerife with your family and children, then you must consider certain facilities like a private pool and wifi, to help keep the young ones occupied! Many of our villas boast a BGR box that offers all UK channels including

  • Sky movies
  • Sports
  • children TV
  • 6 live premiership football channels, and
  • over 2000 films, box sets & catch up.

This is an excellent feature to have for those TV lovers. Large outdoor space is also convenient, plus 1 or 2 games facilities such as a pool table or ping pong will make your stay more enjoyable.

Sport Villas 

Are you a tennis or golf fan? If yes, then you can choose villas that are close to a golf course or sports complex. Tenerife is the perfect place to be yourself and enjoy who you are.

You can customize your choices and choose the villa that perfectly aligns with you. You could go for a serene and calm holiday or choose a villa that will boost the inner sportsman in you.

Many of the villas in Tenerife are in close proximity to golf courses, tennis courts, and sports complexes. Perhaps a new adventure into water sports is worth a try? Tenerife has many harbors with activities such as fishing, jet skiing, sailing, water skiing, and many more.


Plan a holiday in a villa with a view! The volcanic island of Tenerife is situated in the Atlantic Ocean and benefits from picturesque views all over.

Make the most of being on a tropical island, away from your ordinary views from your home country. It’s time to go all out! Booking a villa with a view will certainly make your stay worthwhile.

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